Internet Marketing Firms Providing Online Jobs

Online marketing and employment.
Internet marketing firms providing online jobs is a major part of the economy that no one seems to talk about. While many know that they can make money from home, few realize exactly how to do so legitimately. The fact that online marketers have made use of online employees should come as no surprise to those familiar with the industry, but it does take outsiders a moment to realize why this necessary move has been so helpful. Understanding that the online marketplace is growing, that marketers need more help and that the process benefits both businesses and employees makes the growth of online jobs make a bit more sense.

A Growing Marketplace

The internet is a global marketplace, reaching more people every day. Even as more homes are connected to high-speed connections, more shopping options become available and more businesses begin to fight for the screen time needed to convert browsers to customers. As such, marketing groups have had to work harder than ever to make sure that they are able to serve their own clients. An important part of this process has been hiring individuals online, creating a new workforce that can help to increase the man-hours available for marketing companies and can get the job done in a timely manner.

More Help Needed

As the internet has grown, so too has the need to reach more people on a regular basis. It is almost impossible for a traditional marketing firm to create content, target the necessary audiences and repeat the process on a daily basis. When online firms began to provide online jobs, though, they were able to tap into a workforce that was not only able to create a nearly endless stream of content but one that had the necessary training, imagination and work ethic to do so on a regular basis without prompting from outside authority figures.

Even as internet marketing firms hire more for online jobs, a need for skilled marketing professionals has remained. The constant race between firms to hire the best and brightest has caused the level of content creation to rise and the marketing tools available to become more sophisticated, thus allowing an open marketplace of ideas that rewards those who not only have the most talent but also those who are willing to put in the most effort. This has created a scenario where the employees as well as the firms tend to benefit, and in which jobs are created even as other areas of the economy tend to lag behind.

A Winning Strategy

Hiring more individuals online has actually turned out to be a winning strategy for many online marketing firms, as the process allows them to quickly expand their own employee base while allowing the businesses to also expand into larger operations. By employing at-home workers as independent contractors, these major marketing firms have found a way to employ individuals who have the correct skills and talents without having to worry about employee location or many of the mundane administrative tasks that are necessary when hiring on-site workers for the same sort of jobs.

At the same time, the strategy has also become quite useful for those who are hired by the firms. Individuals who take these jobs are usually able to work on their own schedules, accomplishing tasks on a scale that makes sense for each individual. This allows the jobs to be done on both a part-time and full-time basis, allowing the hiring pool to encompass individuals at any stage of their working careers. In turn, this has allowed marketing professionals of various skill levels to find ways to contribute to work projects even if they can only do so from their own homes.

Internet marketing firms providing more jobs helps marketing firms to grow and many individuals a way to make money from home. Whether working as part-time contractors or full-time employees, these individuals have become an important part of the online economy. Without them, marketing on a large scale simply could not work.

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Polls and Surveys Are Critical in Keeping Consumers Well Informed

Photo of a rural polling station.

Using Online and Real-World Tools to Empower Consumers and Causes

Every time an individual opens the newspaper or accesses the Internet, he or she sees yet another opinion poll or survey. The poll may be conducted in reference to the approval rating of the nation’s leader or comprised of the results of a critical issue on the minds of persons within the nation. That said it is easy enough to spot polls, reviewed by readers, who are interested in entertainment or sports. You can find this type of polling on websites geared toward sports-related subjects or where actors and actresses are of interest to an audience.

A Poll can be as Simple as a Single Question

The poll can be conducted by using a simple question. In example, with respect to a celebrity site, the question may be as simplistic as: Which person wore the best dress? The preceding question is generally plugged in where an awards event was covered on one of the popular celebrity-based sites. Another question, for example, is one asking which sports team is going to win a tournament on a particular weekend. The latter question is naturally relative to a site dedicated to sports. It is easy enough to say, public opinion; conducted on an individual basis, is important in establishing certain fashion trends; and analyzing a fan’s preference with regard to a team’s performance. Naturally, this same level of professional curiosity is carried over in the operations of day-to-day business; non-profit activities; and the popularity of individuals. The technique, associated in using a poll or survey, is conducted on a political basis, business basis, or with regard, once again, to the popularity quotient of a celebrity.

The Difference between a Poll and a Survey

The idea of Polls and Surveys gets people thinking: What is the difference? It goes without saying there is a great deal of similarity between the two designs in way of attaining an individual’s viewpoint or the opinion of a specific respondent with respect to celebrities or products and services within a particular niche industry. The following content however explains the subtle differences associated with Polls and Surveys.

The Poll is brief and the Survey is More Substantial

The poll is quicker and easier to perform than conducting a survey. In this light, a poll can be as brief as one question. The survey on the other hand, is generally longer in duration and covers a great deal more information. Data relative to polls can be accumulated by way of the Internet, on the phone, mechanically (so to speak) using a piece of paper and pen; and in-person. The poll is quick, again, in duration. The political poll which the candidates and public rely upon; during periods when elections prevail, generally is inclusive of around nine-hundred completed entries conducted over a 3 day span of time or less. The quick turn-around time of polling is essential since public opinion is bound to shift with great rapidity on certain significant subject matters. In comparison to polling, it is right to say, conducting a survey is performed more consciously or intentionally. The survey project can take a span of time lasting for several weeks or longer.

The Design of a Poll is Much More Simplistic than that of a Survey

The poll is generally designed in way of a much simpler format than that of a survey. It stands to reason since research in the form of polling is preferably brief: the questions associated with a poll are more to the point. In example, questions associated with the design of the poll are close-ended questions wherein Yes and No answers generally suffice. Choices as to type must also be part of a quick query and analysis. The survey, on the other hand, provides the researcher with a great deal more options in the form of rankings; questions which are open-ended — encouraging the respondent’s verbatim comments; and methods making use of rankings.

Survey Reporting is Ten Times More Involved than Simple Polling

Analysis with respect to survey reports is considerably more involved than data collection relative to a poll. Information provided by polling is generally summed up by means of the media such as a news release or over the Internet. Survey projects, however, generally necessitate reporting. The reports of a survey can be as massive as one-hundred pages or more. The survey then is much more comprehensive in design than the poll in providing a client with data or information.

Polls and Surveys are More Similar than Unique to One Another

The poll and survey necessitate solid methods in order for the data and associative information collected to be useful. In other words, even the simplest type of poll requires a very thorough analytical approach in order to provide the client with useful information. It must provide data which clearly provides the user something that is meaningful in scope. In example, the person requiring the information must be able to carefully reason to him or herself what it is the poll provides in way of a projection or answer; and conversely what it does not provide in way of the same. Regardless, both methods are useful research tools for the voter, a corporation, or consumer. Such research tools keep businesses, political candidates, and the general public highly informed.

In Conclusion:

Conclusively, both research techniques are useful in doing business, conducting political campaigns, and making decisions pertinent to consumer purchasing. The general public and business would not be nearly as well-informed without making use of a poll or survey.

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Avoid Auto Insurance Premium Increases with New Traffic App

Image of an auto insurance policy in close-up.
Although most people obey traffic rules when driving from one point to another, some do not. Reasons for breaking traffic rules vary. For instance, one may over speed in order to get to a particular destination faster. The problem with over speeding is it endangers the lives of pedestrians, cyclists and even other drivers. Car accidents often result in injuries that require expensive medical attention. Vehicle insurers tend to pass this cost to violators of traffic rules in the form of higher premium rates.

The Cost of Traffic Tickets

Traffic violations can increase your auto insurance rates significantly. This is according to a study carried out by involving more than 490,000 insurance quotes. The results of this study show that reckless driving can increase your auto insurance premiums by as much as 22%. For first time DUI offenders, car premiums generally rise by 19%. Other traffic violations that can have a negative impact on car insurance rates include careless driving (16%), driving without a license (18%), driving 30 mph over the speed limit (15%), making an improper turn (14%), following another car too closely (13%), and failure to stop (15%). Even a seat belt infraction could lead to a 3% increase in auto premiums.

The author of this study warns that these are just averages and the rates could be even higher. Remember car insurers use a wide range of factors to determine the premiums one will pay. Some of these factors include age, sex, make and model of car, marital status, as well as where one lives. Laura Adams, a senior insurance analyst at says insurers view young drivers as risky clients. This means a young person with multiple traffic tickets will have a hefty insurance tab to settle every month.

Avoiding Insurance Premium Hikes

There are several ways of avoiding car insurance premium increases. Firstly, you can hire a lawyer and go to court to prove that you are innocent. Secondly, you can attend a traffic school to refine your driving skills. Some states strike off traffic violations from a driver’s record if he or she attends a traffic school. Although these approaches work, they have several disadvantages.

To start with, hiring and retaining a lawyer is expensive and having one does not guarantee that you will win your case. Secondly, attending traffic school requires personal commitment and time. For a busy executive or businessperson, time constraints mean this idea is a nonstarter.

Avoid Car Insurance Premium Increases
Alternatively, you could download and use PhantomALERT to help you avoid traffic tickets. PhantomALERT is a mobile application that you can download into your GPS device, smartphone, or tablet. It gives you access to a database of more than 400,000 DUI checkpoints, speed traps, speed cameras, red light cameras, school zones, and police stations. Additionally, it is compatible with mobile devices that run iOS and Android operating systems. On the GPS device front, it is compatible with Garmin, Magellan, and TomTom. Furthermore, it works in the United States and Canada as well.

Benefits of Using PhantomALERT

With this app, you get visual and audible alerts in your GPS or smartphone when you approach a speed camera or red light camera. It is quite accurate because drivers can report enforcement and safety locations as well as verify the same. In addition, this traffic app is legal and easy to use, so it would ultimately help you avoid insurance premium increases.

Of course, your driving record plays a big role in determining your auto insurance rates. As such, a driving record littered with traffic violations and tickets is likely to attract a high insurance premium and vice versa. The good news for drivers is PhantomALERT can help you avoid speed traps, DUI checkpoints, and red light cameras

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You Can Help a Wounded Veteran Purchase a Track Chair

The Action Track Chair.
Sgt. John Peck was on a routine sweep of improvised explosive devices with his team in Afghanistan when he became a victim of one himself. All he could remember was being flung into the air, landing on his back, and losing consciousness. When he woke up in a hospital, all of his limbs were gone. He no longer had arms or legs. Yet the doctors were able to save his life despite the severity of his wounds and the large amount of blood loss. He eventually came back home and his mom has been by his side ever since.

Thousands of veterans get wounded from the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many of them lose their limbs which dramatically changes the course of their lives. Sgt. John Peck is just one of the quadriplegics to come out of the war on terror. It is difficult to fathom how a man could rise from such a tragedy but that is exactly what he did, along with the other wounded warriors. He has slowly regained much of his independence by adapting to his situation. Since coming back, he has even been able to do some scuba diving and sky diving. Sgt. Peck also enjoys much improved mobility thanks to an invention called the “track chair”.

Action Track Chairs

Most quadriplegics get around by using standard wheelchairs. These are fine if all you want to do is to go around the house, mall, office, hospital, and other flat environments. For veterans who are used to being active and outdoors, they are far too limiting. Fortunately, Tim Swenson was able to develop an all-terrain wheelchair that allows unprecedented mobility in virtually every type of environment. Swenson created it primarily for his son who is in a chair but he has made the technology available for the public. Wounded veterans soon took notice.

The track chair uses treads instead of wheels. This gives it the appearance of a micro tank and allows it to go over uneven surfaces with ease. Controls are simple so operation is a breeze. The utilitarian design and camouflage colorings make it look fit for a warrior. It can be used to explore the woods, go fishing along the banks of a river, hike up steep hills, and more. The chair certainly allowed Sgt. Peck more freedom to move about outside his new home in Fredericksburg, Virginia. This piece of technology may not replace limbs but it expands capabilities and overcomes previously perceived limits.

Technical Specifications

The track chairs can be customized for every need. They come in a wide array of widths to ensure a perfect fit. The seat height is 23 inches while the overall height is 39 inches. They have a reassuring weight of 350 pounds that helps keep the center of gravity low and thus maintain balance at all times. They use a 24 Volt DC high thrust motor that is powered by two rechargeable batteries. The chairs can run at suitable speeds of 3 to 5 mph and have a range of 6 miles per charge. They come with a lap belt and are controlled via joystick located on the armrests.

Independence Fund

The Independence Fund and other organizations have already given away several of these to the vets who need them. They hold benefit concerts and charity events to acquire funding. Sgt. Peck is just one of their numerous beneficiaries. You can help a wounded veteran purchase a track chair as well. This advanced technology costs at least $12,000 for the base model which is not within easy reach for many of them. These organizations encourage the public to attend their charity events or to contribute in any way to the cause. Donations will ensure that there’s hope for these gallant warriors.

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President Directs FCC to Act on E-Rate

E-rate helps to educate our children illustration.
Countries from around the world have been stepping up their efforts to provide better Internet access and cutting edge technologies to their student population. This has not gone unnoticed in the White House. Emphasizing the need to modernize education to maintain competitiveness, the President directs FCC to act on E-Rate and make improvements to the program. He notes a global trend towards the use of interactive and individualized learning powered by innovative tools. Through a multi-sector initiative, he hopes that the same can be provided to all students in the United States. The FCC directive is the first step in realizing this dream.

What is the E-Rate?

The E-Rate has been around since 1996 when it was approved as part of the Telecommunications Act. It was conceived as a way to assist schools and libraries in obtaining advanced telecoms services at reasonable rates. The intention was to make these services available to anyone no matter where they are in the country. Applicants may be given a discount of 20% to 90% depending on their capability to pay for these services, usually measured in the number of students eligible for the national school lunch program. The money comes from collections for the Universal Service Fund.

The Main Goals of the Revamp

The FCC has not put forth any specific plans yet as it is still in the process of gathering feedback and suggestions from stakeholders. However, it did present three main goals which it hopes to achieve within the next few years. The first is increasing broadband speeds for schools and libraries. The second is improving purchasing methods to reduce costs and widen its reach. The third is reshuffling the administrative structure to reduce inefficiencies. Also included in the FCC notice are questions that are aimed at starting the conversation and highlighting the key issues as identified by program the managers.

Tough Questions Need Answers

A number of these questions are technical in nature and require inputs from industry experts. For instance, the FCC asks for opinions on the best technological architecture that may be deployed for this purpose. Answers have been varied. Shifting to fiber optic cables is costly but it can potentially provide a tremendous boost in broadband speeds. Then there are calls to go for a cheaper and less disruptive route that would be more practical for educational institutions. There is also a concern about using a blanket approach, with some preferring to keep the choice in the hands of individual schools.

Also up for discussion is metrics measurement. The FCC would like to be able to gauge the program’s level of success so that it can make decisions on whether or not to continue down a path or change directions if necessary. For instance, they might try to assess the actual speeds achieved by participating schools and check whether it is up to the standards of the program. This is pretty straightforward and only the technical matters have to be cleared up.

A related question is more provocative as it pertains to the effectiveness of E-Rate in uplifting the academic performance of students. Should the FCC measure this as well? If so, how must they go about it? Performance is influenced by a complex web of factors so isolating the benefits of E-Rate is very difficult. There are concerns about tying the program’s success to school performance as it may produce a narrow view if the situation.


Everyone wants students to do better at school as it will have a profound effect on their lives. Yet, as always, the devil is in the details. There are so many ways to implement the program and finding the best path will require extraordinary vision. How the FCC deals with all the issues raised will be interesting to follow.

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